In order to access heights, we use mainly our lifting platforms. They have an extreme side and height reach as well as extremely small pass-through parameters. Similarly, when purchasing these machines, other parameters are chosen with respect to the truly rich and long-term experience gained in various industrial plants. Thanks to this fact we have been able to move and work among machines, material and products in the confined space of production halls.

Some of our machines are able to pass through a 80 cm door. The NR 22 lifting platform can pass through a 90 cm door and then work inside in the height of 22 m, having the capacity to reach a distance of 11.3 m to both sides. Some of our lifting platforms are able to get across smaller stairs or the terrain around buildings. All of the lifting platforms have two kinds of drive. The electrical drive is always combined with diesel, petrol or battery-operated drive, so that the environment does not become polluted with exhaust gases and noise.

In order to ensure extreme access, we sometimes also use climbing technology, special ladders, lifting platforms with the side reach of over 25 m and the height of over 40 meters and other technical tools and machines.