In production halls and warehouses we perform industrial cleaning of ceilings, walls, sheathing, windows and airshafts. Furthermore we clean all technical and technological installations and distribution systems on walls and at heights. Most frequently it is cleaning of distribution systems of ventilation, water, gas, compressed air, heating, including heating devices. We clean all electricity systems, lighting and switchboards, overhead cranes and their crane tracks, steel structures, trusses and concrete construction elements. We also clean production technologies and machines, various conveyors, containers, fire protection systems, air conditioning and ventilation distribution systems and many more in production halls and warehouses.

How we clean most often

Industrial vacuuming – We use various industrial vacuum cleaners. For instance from extremely light back vacuum cleaners for narrow spaces to high-performance “half-ton“ ones, portable and high-performance with two 15kW turbines. These huge vacuum cleaners vacuum easily heavy and thick dirt for example in foundries.

Chemické čištění. Pomocí několika desítek druhů průmyslové čistící chemie od několika výrobců jsme si doposud úspěšně poradili s čištěním nejrůznějších druhů i stavů znečištění v několika stech výrobních halách v ČR i v zahraničí. Tento způsob čištění často kombinujeme se speciálním parním čističem.

Industrial “dry” steam – Thanks to 10 BAR pressure, 180 °C temperature and 250 kg of “dry” steam we can deal with various impurities in poorly accessible places within an hour with help of special heads, suction of industrial chemicals and many company improvements. In combination with this machine we have developed many unique technological processes for cleaning in poorly accessible places. Some of our “improvements” significantly increase productivity of cleaning of ceilings of halls.

Water hammer – We most frequently use the cleaning and blasting of pressure water under pressure of 250-2800 BAR on steel structures and roofs. Suction of degreasers and detergents can be added to some machines. Once in a while we us water pressure blasting to remove plaster and old paints that are peeling off from ceilings of the halls. This is only possible where a bigger amount of water can be used during cleaning (most often in an empty production hall).

Pneumatic needle scaler – is used to remove older damaged inconsistent coatings. It is most frequently used to clean steel structures before further coatings. Because it is a very slow cleaning, it is used only for cleaning of small-scale spaces.

Dry ice blasting – It is modern ecological and nonabrasive cleaning of technical and technological elements. This cleaning doesn’t produce any waste or dirt. Dry ice has temperature of around 70 °C. Unfortunately, this amazing method of cleaning is quite unproductive and expensive for cleaning of larger areas and spaces. Therefore it is used mainly for regular cleaning and maintenance of technological parts (especially in automotive industry)

Special cleaning – Based upon requests, several times during a year, we invent and try various procedures for unusual kind or amount of dirt. This is usually performed in a form of short trials in a customer’s hall. These trials and new challenges have many times in the past brought success in the form of finding or creating new procedures, ways or accelerating, i.e. lowering of price. What we value the most is for example our improvement for cleaning of metal ceilings and walls also in extremely inaccessible places. Or, for instance, removing of old paints or stuccos in places of damage on concrete ceilings of older production halls.